Women in Technology and Telecommunications’ Industry Leadership Summit

Anna Saunders has been asked to speak at the upcoming Sydney ‘Women in Technology and Telecommunications’ Industry Leadership Summit on 22nd June 2016.

Anna will be presenting a case study from her experience as a senior leader in the IT & Telecommunications Industry on one of the key skills for all business leaders – Building and leveraging support networks.

The constant innovation and evolution of the Technology and Telecommunication industry means the ground is regularly shifting, and leading under these circumstances can often take its toll. In order to stay ahead of the game and in control of yourself, your team, and your strategic vision, it’s important for women to have a strong network of people that can support and assist you when needed. Looking back over almost two decades in the industry, Anna will explore the importance of support networks focusing on:

  • Building mutually supportive relationships
  • Seeking guidance from the right people
  • Assisting others on their journey

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