I had the opportunity to be coached by Craig during an extremely exciting and challenging period in my professional life. Craig helped me develop tools and methods to filter the noise and to understand what I wanted to achieve. The outcome was an increased ability to not only operative effectively, but also with a high level of awareness.

However, it's Craig's ability to offer objectivity that I often found most useful. I benefited greatly from running scenarios without the impedance of bias or excessive context; and as a result, the path forward was significantly clearer. He is highly recommended.

Blair CrawfordSales Director, Argus TrueID
Blair Crawford

I had the opportunity to be coached by Craig during a challenging and pivotal time in my life. What I walked away with is a much clearer understanding of my values and how they influence me in my daily interactions. This awareness has allowed me to create a better operating model to make decisions from and turn challenges into opportunities. Craig has a rare combination of experience, wisdom and knowledge and I have no doubt that any business or individual looking to grow can gain massive value from working with him.

Alistair ClemettWellness Engagement, WellteQ
Alistair Clemett

Not long after I first launched my Holistic and Alternative Practice, I had the fortune to connect with and receive business coaching from Craig Morris at Leadership Creativity. Craig was able to highlight priorities and help me understand what I needed to do to build and maintain a strong client base. He introduced me to some great ideas and methods that I probably would not have thought of myself. He helped me to build confidence in my abilities and showed me how to step into my new role with some very powerful techniques. His friendly yet professional approach quickly put me at ease in order to gain maximum benefit from the sessions. I would recommend Craig without hesitation.

I thank you Craig for the attention and commitment you gave me and my business.

Antoinette ThompsonOwner, ToBecomeOne Alternative and Holistic Healing
Antoinette Thompson

I had the pleasure of working with Craig recently. He offered suggestions to help improve my presence in the local community and grow my business that were effective almost immediately. Within the first weeks of applying the strategies discussed, my client load increased and I have been able to sustain this growth moving forward. Craig presented a logical and customer focused approach that was simple yet effective to apply to my business. I have no hesitation in recommending Craig's Business Coaching services.

Scott ThompsonOwner, Beaumont Hills Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic
Scott Thompson – Beaumont Hills Physio

My business provides logistics services to importers and exporters. When I first met Craig, my business had achieved triple digit growth year on year since 2015. Our growth was achieved through belief and passion of our people and the very passion and belief that achieved our growth was also causing high amounts of stress within myself and my leadership team. It was affecting the quality of life that I had hoped to achieve by starting my own business.

 Craig quickly understood what we were looking for and designed a solution to support us.

 Since working with Craig I have become a better business owner, leader, colleague, husband and father. I have learned how important it is to be in the moment and treat every situation without bias and be grateful for my achievements and what I have and to use my failures as a source of learning and growth. Since working with my leadership team our business has continued to grow, our employee engagement has risen to over 82%, company culture at 85% and employee loyalty at 88%.  

 Today, with the help of the Performance Accelerator program my team has driven my business to win awards with the NSW Chamber of Business for 'Business of the year' and 'Excellence in Business', we have been recognised by a regional industry body as 'The Best Logistics Company in Asia' and by a global industry body as 'Employer of the Year'.

 Craig improved myself which in-turn improved our business overnight, Craig has been an invaluable asset to me, my team and my business. 

 If you are looking for support or someone to help you unleash your potential, I highly recommend Craig and Leadership Creativity for coaching, team building and masterclass programs.

Ryan CummingsManaging Director, Whale Logisitics
Whale Logisitics

Anna provided me with the guidance, the insight, the strategy and the resilience to go after my dream in a real way. I worked with Anna for 3 months and during that time, she challenged my limiting beliefs, inspired me to succeed and helped me focus my energy where I needed it to go. As a result I have taken massive action towards a much needed change in my career. I’m very grateful that our paths crossed and for the opportunity to be coached by Anna.

Thank you so much for all your support and your genuine willingness to help me along my journey at such an important time in my life.

Lara WentworthPartner, Madison Marcus Law Firm
Lara Wentworth

Craig Morris first started working with Argus TrueID in 2017, providing leadership coaching to the Executive as the company was undergoing a quantum leap in terms of growth. The growth being experienced was phenomenal and that required the development of new cultural norms, expectations, and new levels and styles of leadership so critical to managing the human dimensions of growth and upheaval. Through helping develop new ways of thinking, a new culture, and the retention and development key people in a company's journey, Craig has been an integral component of our change phase and forward strategy development facilitating the strategy workshops. Craig is an exemplary professional who's skills and knowledge have had a significant effect on the individuals and the teams as we move through these exciting times.

Damien DavisCEO, Argus TrueID
Damien Davis

Anna Saunders to me is a coach, mentor and now a friend for life. I met Anna a couple of years ago and from the beginning I looked up to her from both a professional and personal perspective. I am someone who had never had a formal coach and felt I didn’t need one. I was so wrong. Anna formally started coaching me last year and had a great impact on me from the very first session.

Anna helped me identify my limiting beliefs and how to turn them into positive ones. Some of those beliefs have been there my whole life and I only realised through her coaching that they define the way I react to situations. I am now far more aware of the existence of these beliefs and with techniques learnt from Anna, I have been able to turn them into more resourceful ones.

I use various techniques that I learned from the sessions almost every day. It brings my mind and body to their most resourceful state even in difficult and stressful situations.

Ajay ManchandaniService Portfolio Manager, nbn Systems Engineering & Operations
Ajay Manchandani

Craig Morris……what can I say? An absolutely amazing coach and mentor to me over the past year.

I met Craig a few years ago on a Mastermind retreat on the Gold Coast and I knew after a few minutes that he had the potential to have a hugely positive impact on my life… both from a personal and business standpoint… and I was not wrong!!

Craig has coached me for the last year now and he has taught me so much. I have never felt so confident in myself and in my potential. I know that 2018 for me is going to be a huge year and honestly, I have Craig Morris to thank for that.

He has allowed me to build on my beliefs and create positive change in my life which has helped keep me focused in the tough times when it all feels too hard. I am now always able to move forward towards my goals even if it’s just a little bit, every single day.

He has pushed me when I needed to be pushed and he made me feel unstoppable when I was feeling overwhelmed. He taught me how to demand more from myself and how to be kind to myself. He held me accountable through the good times and the more challenging ones ensuring that I didn’t settle for average….with his guidance and coaching I feel like I can do anything I want.

Thanks so much Craig. I will never forget this opportunity.

I’ll make you proud.

Ed ArmstrongHealth Coach at 6MTP
Ed Armstrong

Prior to me working with Craig my life had a definite lack of joy and fun. I was work focused and structured everything around my financial/career goals. Life was draining, boring and mostly a chore.

Craig has a unique ability to break through the barriers. He is a brilliant professional in his field. He offers a very compassionate approach, intuitive in his assessment and clear about how to approach change and transformation with the issues presented to him.

Craig’s inspirational and warm style allowed me to direct my life with renewed passion. Since beginning this amazing journey with Craig I am seeing myself and my life with more clarity than I have in a very long time.

"Craig assisted me in opening up to new possibilities and dared me to dream and plan a life filled with pleasure, fun and love."

I wouldn’t trust anyone one else. Very grateful indeed.

Troy ClearyDirector, Cleary Property Holdings
Troy Cleary

Craig was referred to me by a mutual associate and I felt comfortable with Craig from the moment we first met. He was quick to understand me and our challenges as a business and offered some effective tips on things we could improve immediately. Craig worked with myself and the team over a six month period guiding us on improving the culture and morale through building a supportive team and developing a more empowering mindset.

He certainly has a great ability to help you look at things differently from various angles to open up more opportunities than first thought.  Craig not only helped everyone as individuals and the team but also provided valuable assistance in building processes and systems to achieve greater efficiency across the business.  He guided us in overcoming staffing issues, hiring staff, consistently monitoring our financials and marketing initiatives. I have no hesitation in recommending Craig and Leadership Creativity to anyone wanting to improve their own performance and that of their team and their business.

Craig GeeManaging Director, GuardRight Industries
Craig Gee – GuardRight Industries

I remember being at work one day, it was one of those stunning early spring days. We were flying through the work getting ahead of schedule, music was on, everyone was happy. I was miserable.

I sat there having morning tea, I was angry and everything I said negative (one of those really pleasant people to be around). This was quite rapidly becoming my attitude toward life and work. Bitter and feeling that life was unfairly happening to me, I was about to throw the towel in.

A friend of mine suggested that I meet with Craig. I’d considered coaching once before but didn’t connect with the person and shied away from the cost. Although I was a great builder, as a business owner I felt overwhelmed by the mountain ahead and I knew that a business coach would assist me greatly. I would have never considered the impact that it came to have on my life and outlook.

Craig became my coach over coffee and the process began. Our very first session I had nothing to say. I was choked up with the questions proposed. I felt so uncomfortable, my head felt light and was spinning. I wanted to tell Craig to fuck off. When the session was finally over, I grabbed a beer from the fridge sat with my wife and felt the best I had in years.

The sessions continued with every one of them challenging the process, agenda and expectations. It was never a counselling session, my thoughts were carefully guided and I soon realised that everyone in business is challenged by similar problems around uncertainty. And those who seem to do it easily, tend not to live in their head as much as others.

As a direct result of Craig's coaching I have changed forever. I start every day differently. My relationship with family and friends are more consistent and less strained. I have always had a good relationship with my wife but now love her more than ever. And even though my business is now way more challenging than ever before, I approach it differently and the outcome is better. My mindset has changed, what I once deemed success to be is now irrelevant and I consider myself to be successful simply by giving life my all. I now have a strong foundation for both myself and my business to grow and thrive.

In summary, I am astounded by the effective service Leadership Creativity offers. I will always be grateful and hope to remain friends.

Luke GreedyOwner, Hammer and Knack Residential Builders
Luke Greedy

Craig has a unique gift to help guide you into a balanced place to find your truth and make sound decisions.  Since working with Craig, I have realised the importance and value of having a coach.  I have learned to be so much more conscious and intentional about my time and because of this, have seen improvements not just in my work life, but in all the major facets of my life.

Thanks Craig, meeting you was a blessing. I love working with you!

Scott ReymanSales Manager, Columbine Logging Inc, USA
Scott Reyman

I decided to work with Craig as I was feeling a little lost in a few areas and seeking clarity. I was also in need of strategies for a few areas of my life where I was feeling flat and unsure of my direction.  I have always felt I knew what was going on within myself, but Craig helped me to look beyond the labels I have placed upon myself, to really tune into the true essence of "me" and align with my true self.

I am glad to have invested in expanding my knowledge and re-framing my thoughts in a way I never knew I could. I had a many "aha" moments during our coaching sessions where I really made progress and learned about where my limiting beliefs were stemming from.  I now have the tools to make better internal connections and this makes me feel more aligned.

I hold Craig in very high regard and I am pleased to have connected with him.

Amy ClearyPersonal Trainer
Amy Cleary

Engaging Craig as my business coach has been best thing I've ever done for my business. I've owned the hairdressing salon for 3 years now and became quite stuck and fearful of where the business was heading. I knew I needed to do something.  I was too worried to hire staff just in case I don't get enough clients through the door and I was unsure how to move the business forward. Working with Craig helped me uncover the potential for me to do better than ever with the business! Teaching me how to search within for the answers I've been looking for. They are there, it's just about asking yourself the right questions.  Craig showed me how to find the answers, the right answers for me. Craig helped me overcome my fear taking the next step forward in my business, asking me questions that uncovered my passion and motivation. Craig provided me with strategies around marketing and staffing.  I now have two staff helping me out over the Christmas period, something I've never been confident enough to do until now.  I am also now targeting my marketing to build my brand. I feel so much more motivated and confident in my business thanks to Craig. He truly kept me focused and held me accountable constantly encouraging and believing in me which led me to believe more in myself. I highly recommend Craig to anyone in business. Thank you Craig for getting me back on track and showing me that I CAN and I WILL do this!

Kerrie BoltonOwner Jannali Hair Stuio
Kerrie Bolton

Before I met Craig, I thought I knew everything about business and how to handle everyday situations.

In a short space of time, and with Craig's vision and insight I was able to get a much better understanding of where I was heading and what I needed to do in order to achieve the lofty goals that I had set myself.

I signed up for a one to one coaching program and I couldn't have been more impressed with the way Craig went about helping me. His methods of self analysis and creating awareness are both sound and practical and he sets you up with the right tools for you to succeed. To say that I was impressed, would be an understatement.

I don't think I could recommend anyone any higher. Thank you Craig for changing my life!!

Stephen PhillipsReal Estate Agent
Steven Phillips

I am blessed, honoured and proud to have had Craig Morris as my coach for the last few months.

I still recall my first ever conversation with Craig about the process. I'd told him I've tried seeking all sorts of counselling for many years, all of which had failed me. I've battled with my demons all my life, since I was 7 years old. I am now 41 years old. I have succeeded a lot in life, I'm a father to a beautiful 10 year old son. In my chosen career, I am a Finance Executive. But I live with my demons, I was still unhappy.

And so naturally I was somewhat pessimistic. I told Craig he had a big task and challenge on hands. And really, he was my last resort, my last hope. I was convinced that if he couldn't help me, no one can. I truly believe Craig was sent to me for a reason. And in this first hour of getting to know each other, Craig got me to open up and tell him a little about myself and what I wanted to achieve. In return he told me about the work that he does as a coach.

The first couple of weeks was tough but necessary. Craig had me open up and accept who I am and to let go of my past. He helped me realize that the negative beliefs I was holding onto no longer served me.  They do not define me and that I was limitless in my potential to succeed in becoming a fulfilled and happy person.

His words of encouragement echoes in my mind at my most trialing and troubling times. Craig's commitment was not only limited to our weekly sessions. I've often said to Craig that he somehow knows when I've needed support. Often at times when I have been troubled, I would miraculously receive a email or a text sometimes even a call from Craig to check in on me and encourage me to forge ahead. It was like he was in my head and heart and somehow knew of my thoughts and how I was feeling each time. Craig has been there for me each time I've needed him. He was only a phone call away and always happy and willing to listen and provide encouragement.

I often felt like I was a amateur boxer going in for the fight of my life. And Craig would always remind me that what I put in I get out. But it is always reassuring to know that if I look back in my corner Craig was there, telling me to "get up, get up and fight. The bell hasn't rung, the fight is not over. You only ever fail if you give up".

So to this day I continue the fight, equipped with the life's lessons that Craig has taught me. His voice has etched words in my mind as loud and clear as he had spoken them. I continue to seek life.

I owe a great deal to Craig for his encouragement, his inspiration, his unwavering commitment and belief in me. He has been able to turn my life around. I can honestly say, Craig has literally saved my life and I continue to fight. When this is the case, there is not one thing I could do to ever repay him but to be grateful, feel blessed and honoured to have Craig in my life, in my corner, my coach.

Tuan VuCorporate Finance Executive
Tuan Vu

I had always dreamed of creating my own business. I thought about it everyday for years and soon enough i realised thats all it was, a thought with no action. I felt eager yet stuck. I knew what I wanted but did not know how.

I quit my 12 year career in the corporate world, scary beyond acceptance, yet looking back its the best decision I've ever made.

My partner then introduced me to Craig and from that day on I have felt connected to my thoughts and dreams, finally! Why have passions if you don’t follow them right?

Craig guided and supported me all the way to find my inner strength. It feels amazing that my studies, my interests, my dreams are finally being used for my career in my own business. A business I am now confident to build, where as before it was all just a thought.

Without Craig I'd still be making excuses, my dreams would be nothing but thoughts. Craig's professionalism, knowledge and genuine support has made me so deeply happy, if only there were words that could describe how grateful I am.

Jenna KasznikJenna Davie Illustrations
Jenna Kasznik

Over the course of my career I have always ‘managed’ to progress, however until I started working with Anna I have never done it with purpose. Over the past six months Anna has helped me understand and apply my personal values and discover my missing purpose. Truly understanding where I am going and why has enabled me to strike a real, sustained balance in my life. Anna helped me understand what and why I think certain things are really important and to add those items into my tool kit for use in professional and personal life. I’ve never thought that I was working with Anna as life coach – I’ve always seen it as a leadership coaching that helps me live better.

Again, thank you so much Anna for working with me on this over the past few months.

Shannon HenwoodHead of Technology, iSelect
Shannon Henwood

My name is Troy and I am the owner of Get Spark Electrical.

After starting my own electrical company I found it very overwhelming and stressful as I had never ran a business before. I was afraid that I would not get enough leads to keep my business afloat. I didn't know if I was doing the right thing to try and find work.

After sitting down with Craig to see if he could potentially help me with my business I knew I had taken a step in the right direction as he quickly assured me he could help.

After just 3 sessions with Craig my business expanded so much that I had to take on another worker. I continued and finished my 5th session with Craig and now have two workers and another work vehicle. He has helped me think positively and given me many helpful tools along the way. I look forward to continuing working with Craig to help me grow with my business in the future.

Troy FranklandOwner Get Spark Electrical
Troy Frankland

Craig has the ability to hone in on the specifics guiding me to work out the answer for myself. He has the skill and the knowledge that brings me to a higher level of understanding that I then put in place with my life.

I love his authenticity and his genuine willingness to help. He has grown my knowledge of what it takes to get to the next level of being a man, a leader, a friend and a teacher. I love his ability to connect to the underlying issue which he flushes out making everything seem easier.

If anyone has things in their life that they want to work out, from relationships to career, Craig can help you get to the next level. I can’t thank him enough for his support over the last year.

Clint FaceyActor and Author
Clint Facey

Being a driven and ambitious person I initially didn't understand the need for an executive coach but when the opportunity presented itself and I found myself in a position where I was overlooked for career advancement opportunities I signed up. It was difficult to start with as you really need to open up, be honest with yourself and explore the real you. Anna has done a remarkable job of helping me increase my self-awareness, understand the impact I have on others, how I can modify behaviour and language to suit the situation and overall become a much better leader. She has a knack for getting to the why and developing strategies to make lasting improvements. Anna has not only helped me grow as a leader, she has also helped me understand what kind of leader I want to be and build on my strengths and aspirations to get there.

Steve NicholsGeneral Manager IT Services Enterprise. NBN
Steve Nichols

Massive Thank You to Craig Morris at Leadership Creativity, business coaching.

I have been working with Craig since June 1 this year to help get Empowered Wellbeing Coaching Launched.

I started off with 2 clients, and after working with Craig, my database has quickly grown to 35 clients.

His wisdom, support, creative thinking, and ability to think outside the box has help me and the business tremendously. He is able to see things, the important things I need to accomplish, make me aware of the connections I need to make, holds me accountable and encourages/supports me throughout.  I was able to take a massive step out of Personal Training and into the full time role of Wellbeing Coach which I previously thought to be unrealistic and unachievable.

I’m over the moon with how awesome the business is now growing, the type of clients I am attracting into the business, the results I am consistently helping clients achieve, and all this maybe would never have happened If I hadn’t engaged Craig as my business coach.  I highly recommend Craig Morris at Leadership Creativity, if you have a small business you have always dreamed of doing, it is possible, with the right guidance, support structure and focused actions you can make your dreams a reality, otherwise you will work for someone else and help them build their dreams.

Scott FranklandWellbeing Coach
Scott Frankland

Anna Saunders has been an excellent choice of coach. I’ve worked with Anna for over 12 months and she is high energy, very insightful, and has a superb manner of assisting clients to develop tangible approaches to succeeding in life. I’ve been a strong performer in the corporate world for over 15 years and the coaching has helped me create strategies for harmonizing all facets of work and life. The outcome is that I’m achieving more and feeling happier than ever before.

Kathleen MackayGeneral Manager - Project Delivery
Kathleen Mackay