Troy Frankland

Owner Get Spark Electrical

My name is Troy and I am the owner of Get Spark Electrical.

After starting my own electrical company I found it very overwhelming and stressful as I had never ran a business before. I was afraid that I would not get enough leads to keep my business afloat. I didn't know if I was doing the right thing to try and find work.

After sitting down with Craig to see if he could potentially help me with my business I knew I had taken a step in the right direction as he quickly assured me he could help.

After just 3 sessions with Craig my business expanded so much that I had to take on another worker. I continued and finished my 5th session with Craig and now have two workers and another work vehicle. He has helped me think positively and given me many helpful tools along the way. I look forward to continuing working with Craig to help me grow with my business in the future.