Scott Frankland

Wellbeing Coach

Massive Thank You to Craig Morris at Leadership Creativity, business coaching.

I have been working with Craig since June 1 this year to help get Empowered Wellbeing Coaching Launched.

I started off with 2 clients, and after working with Craig, my database has quickly grown to 35 clients.

His wisdom, support, creative thinking, and ability to think outside the box has help me and the business tremendously. He is able to see things, the important things I need to accomplish, make me aware of the connections I need to make, holds me accountable and encourages/supports me throughout. I was able to take a massive step out of Personal Training and into the full time role of Wellbeing Coach which I previously thought to be unrealistic and unachievable.

I’m over the moon with how awesome the business is now growing, the type of clients I am attracting into the business, the results I am consistently helping clients achieve, and all this maybe would never have happened If I hadn’t engaged Craig as my business coach. I highly recommend Craig Morris at Leadership Creativity, if you have a small business you have always dreamed of doing, it is possible, with the right guidance, support structure and focused actions you can make your dreams a reality, otherwise you will work for someone else and help them build their dreams.