Luke Greedy

Owner Hammer and Knack Residential Builders

I remember being at work one day, it was one of those stunning early spring days. We were flying through the work getting ahead of schedule, music was on, everyone was happy. I was miserable.

I sat there having morning tea, I was angry and everything I said negative (one of those really pleasant people to be around). This was quite rapidly becoming my attitude toward life and work. Bitter and feeling that life was unfairly happening to me, I was about to throw the towel in.

A friend of mine suggested that I meet with Craig. I’d considered coaching once before but didn’t connect with the person and shied away from the cost. Although I was a great builder, as a business owner I felt overwhelmed by the mountain ahead and I knew that a business coach would assist me greatly. I would have never considered the impact that it came to have on my life and outlook.

Craig became my coach over coffee and the process began. Our very first session I had nothing to say. I was choked up with the questions proposed. I felt so uncomfortable, my head felt light and was spinning. I wanted to tell Craig to fuck off. When the session was finally over, I grabbed a beer from the fridge sat with my wife and felt the best I had in years.

The sessions continued with every one of them challenging the process, agenda and expectations. It was never a counselling session, my thoughts were carefully guided and I soon realised that everyone in business is challenged by similar problems around uncertainty. And those who seem to do it easily, tend not to live in their head as much as others.

As a direct result of Craig's coaching I have changed forever. I start every day differently. My relationship with family and friends are more consistent and less strained. I have always had a good relationship with my wife but now love her more than ever. And even though my business is now way more challenging than ever before, I approach it differently and the outcome is better. My mindset has changed, what I once deemed success to be is now irrelevant and I consider myself to be successful simply by giving life my all. I now have a strong foundation for both myself and my business to grow and thrive.

In summary, I am astounded by the effective service Leadership Creativity offers. I will always be grateful and hope to remain friends.