Ed Armstrong

Health Coach 6MTP

Craig Morris……what can I say? An absolutely amazing coach and mentor to me over the past year.

I met Craig a few years ago on a Mastermind retreat on the Gold Coast and I knew after a few minutes that he had the potential to have a hugely positive impact on my life… both from a personal and business standpoint… and I was not wrong!!

Craig has coached me for the last year now and he has taught me so much. I have never felt so confident in myself and in my potential. I know that 2018 for me is going to be a huge year and honestly, I have Craig Morris to thank for that.

He has allowed me to build on my beliefs and create positive change in my life which has helped keep me focused in the tough times when it all feels too hard. I am now always able to move forward towards my goals even if it’s just a little bit, every single day.

He has pushed me when I needed to be pushed and he made me feel unstoppable when I was feeling overwhelmed. He taught me how to demand more from myself and how to be kind to myself. He held me accountable through the good times and the more challenging ones ensuring that I didn’t settle for average….with his guidance and coaching I feel like I can do anything I want.

Thanks so much Craig. I will never forget this opportunity.

I’ll make you proud.