Craig Gee

Managing Director GuardRight Industries

Craig was referred to me by a mutual associate and I felt comfortable with Craig from the moment we first met. He was quick to understand me and our challenges as a business and offered some effective tips on things we could improve immediately. Craig worked with myself and the team over a six month period guiding us on improving the culture and morale through building a supportive team and developing a more empowering mindset.

He certainly has a great ability to help you look at things differently from various angles to open up more opportunities than first thought. Craig not only helped everyone as individuals and the team but also provided valuable assistance in building processes and systems to achieve greater efficiency across the business. He guided us in overcoming staffing issues, hiring staff, consistently monitoring our financials and marketing initiatives. I have no hesitation in recommending Craig and Leadership Creativity to anyone wanting to improve their own performance and that of their team and their business.