Craig Morris


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Craig Morris
Leadership and Business Coach

Business and Leadership Coach

A highly experienced business coach and mentor, Craig brings a wealth of business experience to his coaching after having a successful consulting career of over 20 years, working in corporate, government and multinational organisations. Craig has led teams in delivering multimillion dollar projects, company take overs, mergers and major outsourcing initiatives. He has had the opportunity to be involved with many major transformation programs so has observed first-hand what makes leaders successful and why others underperform. Craig brings this first-hand knowledge into his coaching and mentoring and helps his clients find alternate approaches in order to create the results they require.

Craig has successfully coached clients through changing careers, from start-up to building sustainable growth into their business. He supports clients to improve communication, culture, leadership and relationships to increase performance; overcoming the fears and stresses that life and business present.

Craig is a UCPro coaching graduate (trained and mentored by Scott Harris – Australia’s No 1 Coach Trainer), a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and a certified member of the Australian Board of NLP. Continuous professional development is a priority.

As a business coach, Craig builds leadership capability in his clients to ensure they have a strong awareness of the key attributes of success. Craig believes clarity is paramount and he helps his clients find the strength and certainty they need to drive the outcomes they seek.

Craig’s coaching helps people realise their own power. He is tenacious in his approach and provides honest and direct feedback to move his clients forward. Craig is highly focused on his client’s needs and committed to them build greater levels of success.

 “I became a coach because of my desire to genuinely help people who are not getting to where they want to be. Throughout my consulting career I saw leaders with many talented people across various industries struggle to fully engage their teams. I realised that many leaders just need some additional support, encouragement and skills to move to the next level of capability and release the immense potential in their business”.