Anna Saunders


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Anna Saunders
Executive Coach

Executive and Leadership Coach

An Executive and Leadership coach, Anna has a background as a successful executive in financial services, IT and telecommunications businesses across the globe and has been fortunate to work with a diverse range of people and cultures. Anna has held management and director-level roles in the UK, US, Asia and Australia. Anna has experienced the thrill of successfully leading major international projects, achieving many business and personal goals and dealing with the unique pressures, demands and uncertainties of senior leadership. This has given Anna a deep insight into why some leaders succeed and why others fail. Through coaching, Anna aims to provide help and guidance to business leaders wanting to live life to their full potential.

Anna has a degree in Business Studies, has completed accelerated leadership courses as well as attaining performance awards from the Plymouth Business School, Macquarie Bank and NBN. Anna is a UC Pro Certified Coach, trained and mentored by Scott Harris.

As an Executive and Leadership Coach, Anna is committed to help leaders at all levels become all that they can be, both for themselves and for the people they need to provide vision, leadership and guidance to. Anna believes that when leaders release their own blocks and limiting beliefs, they can also lead others to do the same. This in turn raises the standards of entire teams and organisations, with highly engaged and fulfilled teams delivering greater outcomes. Leaders in organisations and small businesses today need to show a combination of strength, vulnerability and creativity in order to attract and retain a talented workforce enabling their business to thrive.

Anna’s coaching opens up people’s minds to the possibility of what they can become and removes the blocks within them to release their true potential. Anna finds it extremely rewarding seeing a client break through their own barriers and begin achieving successes they thought were beyond their capabilities.

“Coaching to me is about possibility and potential. I believe that every person has skills, abilities and gifts that they may either be unaware of or unable to tap into. My purpose is to help people realise their potential and live happy and fulfilling lives.”