Cultivate your culture to drive high-performance teams

Our Leadership Masterclasses are delivered with an informative and interactive approach providing content tailored to the specific needs of your business. Suitable for your whole team, participants learn and experience concepts and strategies to strengthen their understanding and retention of the critical messages.

Build the Foundation of a High-Performing Business

Our four foundational Masterclasses are essential to lift the performance of your team and business. With a blend of education and hands-on experience, these four-hour Masterclasses are guaranteed to drive employee engagement and business results.

High-Performance Leadership

Learn the skills for empowering and inspiring others

This dynamic Masterclass helps participants understand what great leadership is and how it benefits everyone in the team. Discover the different styles of leadership, and when is the most appropriate time to use each style. Identify the specific behaviours that will inspire you and your team to higher performance. Formulate how your team will deliver and receive feedback in order to improve collaboration at all levels.

What is great communication? What makes some people great communicators while others fall short? The good news is that all of us can learn the processes and skills that can boost our communication to a new level. Learn to establish rapport, become a first-rate listener and cut through the noise that threatens to drown out your message.

The Compelling Communicator

Influencing others with effective communication

Powering Your Productivity

Get more of the right stuff done

Make magic happen in your business! This Masterclass helps create more time in each day for everyone in the team. Discover how to overcome the blockers to productivity by eliminating overwhelm, diminishing distractions and prevailing over perfectionism. Learn how to free yourself from to-do lists and never miss a deadline again.

Stress and setbacks are a part of life, and you can’t always avoid them. Having the tools to help cope with adversity can give you and your team the confidence to get through tough situations. Learn as a team how to review, release and reset when you face a roadblock or setback. Build a healthy and supportive environment for your team to thrive.

Enduring Resilience

Increase energy reserves and help your team bounce back from setbacks

Accelerate Performance with Tailored Elective Masterclasses

We’ve developed six Masterclasses than can be taken as electives depending on the needs of your team to enhance their growth. If you need to lift your culture, define a new strategy, plan and execute your ideas, learn how to foster innovation, lead your team through significant change, or improve your processes, then these Masterclasses are perfect for you. Using a blend of information-sharing and hands-on experience, these four-hour Masterclasses are guaranteed to drive employee engagement and business results.

Curate Your Culture

Lift employee engagement and shift to a high-performance culture

Essential Strategy

The fundamentals of creating and implementing your business strategy

Practical Planning

Drive your results by effectively executing your ideas

The Innovation Era

Encouraging a culture of new ideas and creative thinking

Leading Change

Learn the skills to drive your business through impactful change

The Art of Efficient Process

Shift your business from sluggish to nimble