Business Success Mastermind

Grow your business with the expert guidance and experience of a trusted advisory panel

Owning and running a business can be a very lonely experience. With no one to bounce ideas off or give you guidance through challenges, you can find yourself in a time consuming and expensive state of trial and error. Imagine if you had a supportive network of like-minded and trusted business owners and leaders to help you through your biggest business challenges.

Facilitated by a highly experienced Business Coach and Mentor, our Business Success Mastermind enables business leaders to share ideas with trusted colleagues in a non-competitive environment. You will be supported to raise the bar, brainstorm innovative solutions and gain tremendous insights benefiting you and your business. You’ll also benefit from collective accountability to stay on track with your goals and follow through on your plans to overcome obstacles and champion growth.

Coming together for regular meetings, you and your fellow business leaders can collaborate and gain unique perspectives on the challenges you’re facing. Not only are you able to seek advice, but you’ll be able to unlock your own expertise in troubleshooting other people’s issues.

Your facilitator will provide real-time coaching and mentoring during the session to further advance your knowledge and capabilities.

It doesn’t make sense to struggle in business, making mistakes to learn what works and what doesn’t. Building a trusted group of advisors allows us to work smarter rather than harder by utilising the collective knowledge of the group and learning from their experience. It’s a faster way to growth.

Craig Morris

Your Business Success Mastermind consists of:

  • 10 meetings (3-4 hours each) across the year
  • 6-10 members with similar-sized non-competitive businesses
  • Option of taking up personalised coaching sessions to enhance your results

Groups are starting up in Southern Sydney and Wollongong Region now.