The Performance Accelerator Program

Multiply your Results

Businesses seeking to improve or maintain their growth require a program that transforms their performance, culture and results. Leadership Creativity’s Performance Accelerator Program is specifically tailored to provide the skills to build leadership excellence and a high-performing team for your business.

Consisting of a blend of one-to-one coaching and tailored leadership masterclasses, this program out-delivers other leadership programs by ensuring the learnings are embedded in the day-to-day operations of the business.



Deep dive to understand your business baseline

  • One to one coaching commences with the business owner and/or key leaders
  • Our powerful leadership diagnostic tool assesses current-state across 10 key areas of leadership
  • Leveraging the findings from the diagnostic, your coach will facilitate wider focus groups with your team to validate the findings and add depth to the data


Co-design a tailored program that will deliver optimal benefit to your business and elevate your performance

  • Your coach will facilitate a workshop with you and your key leaders to design a program that compliments the one-to-one coaching for your leaders with targeted Leadership Masterclasses to uplift the skills of the whole team
  • Agree the delivery schedule that suits the demands and drivers in your business


Develop the skills needed for high-performance leadership. Support your leaders to instill improved behaviours, processes and frameworks to accelerate results.

  • One to one coaching continues to build momentum and growth for your leaders embedding the learnings from the Masterclasses across the business
  • Our foundational Masterclasses develop the skills of leadership, communication, productivity and resilience across your team. Delivering one session per month, the content of each Masterclass is tailored to the specific needs and language of your business
  • A range of Elective Masterclasses is also offered to add a greater depth and breadth to the capabilities of your team
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Coaching and Mentoring

Creating Inspiring Leaders


Experience intensive individualised coaching one to one with Anna or Craig. Your coaching program will consist of three or six months of weekly sessions focused on you and your success.

Experienced as both business leaders and coaches, we will guide you through understanding and overcoming whatever is holding you back from the results you desire.  You will develop more empowering beliefs and behaviours that drive greater passion, achievement and fulfillment in business and in life.

Coaching and mentoring is a targeted method to accelerate your performance. We create powerful results when we commit to challenging ourselves and entrust someone to hold us accountable.

Coaching creates results.
– 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence
– Over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills
– 86% of companies report they recouped their investment om coaching and more
                                                                                                                                                                      Source: ICF 2009


Cultivate your Culture

Deliver a significant transformation across your team with a series of Masterclasses designed to drive a high-performance culture in your business. The Masterclasses provide the skills, tools and behaviours required to release the untapped potential in your people.

Our Masterclasses are delivered in an informative and interactive approach providing content tailored to the specific needs of your business. Participants learn and experience the concepts and strategies during the Masterclass to strengthen their understanding and retention of the content.

Designed for groups of up to 10 participants, the half-day Masterclasses cover a range of subjects including:

  • High-Performance Leadership – learn the skills for empowering and inspiring others
  • The Compelling Communicator – influencing others with effective communication
  • Powering Your Productivity – get more of the right stuff done
  • Enduring Resilience – increase energy reserves and help your team bounce back from setbacks
  • Curate Your Culture – lift employee engagement and shift to a high-performance culture
  • Essential Strategy – the fundamentals of creating and implementing your business strategy
  • Practical Planning – drive your results by efficiently executing your ideas
  • The Innovation Era – encouraging a culture of new ideas and creative thinking
  • Leading Change – learn the skills to lead your business through impactful change
  • The Art of Efficient Process – shift your business from sluggish to nimble

Masterclass content is tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

Group Facilitation

Leverage your Expertise

Would you like to increase the return on investment from your workshops? Would you benefit being more efficient at achieving outcomes? Would you like to productively create a more interactive and collaborative group dynamic? Does creating greater accountability in your team interest you?

By engaging a skilled and experienced facilitator, you will achieve this and more. As the business leader, having a facilitator also frees you up to participate fully in the workshop while we look after maintaining the focus, flow and outcomes.

“We achieved more in one day with Craig facilitating than we did in three days at our last workshop” – Steve Wood, CEO Forwood Safety

Our facilitators work closely with your leadership teams to plan and deliver leadership off sites, including:

  • Strategy definition
  • Planning and Goal setting
  • Defining and improving team culture
  • Establishing social contracts

Co-design of the content and agenda for each session ensures the attendees participate, grow, learn and align.

Create an interactive environment for all attendees to easily engage in the process, so they can learn new skills in a supportive and fun environment. We provide real-time coaching during the session to help lift the team dynamics moving to a more cohesive and high-performing team while maintaining a focus on the desired outcomes.

Focus Groups

Uncover the hidden truth

Obtain increased clarity around the feelings, perceptions and opinions of your team. Creating an opportunity for your team members to provide open and honest feedback in a non-confrontational environment can provide you with insights that would otherwise remain hidden.

Focus groups are an optional service we provide to assist in identifying the needs of those in your business which provide valuable input into determining the most suitable content for our Performance Accelerator Program. We provide a facilitator to moderate the focus groups asking follow up questions to probe below the surface to identify the deeper issues and opinions of your team.

Value Added Services

We offer a number of specific value added services to our clients in areas where our coaches have extensive experience. Through the delivery of our Programs and Coaching, we develop a deep understanding of the people, the business and the objectives which places us in a great position to assist improving the skills of the team in more specialised areas.

These areas include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Strategy Development
  • Change Management
  • Program, Project and Portfolio Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Risk Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Communication
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