How to stay centred and focused in these challenging times

We are seeing restrictions placed upon us that are unprecedented in our lifetime for many of us. Not since WWII have we seen such restrictions put in place. This creates a great deal of uncertainty for many as we try to understand what it all really means for us and our loved ones.
The key to any challenge, and this is possibly the greatest challenge many of have faced, is to ensure we manage what we focus on and look for solutions. Focusing on the problem will not help.

As a coach, I have some habits and rituals I use for myself and my clients to deal with challenges that arise. Here are 4 things we can all do to help ourselves through this:

1. Stay away from the negativity. Avoid anything that is creating fear, panic, allocating blame or conspiracy theories. Allowing yourself to be dragged into that negative downward spiral will not help. Restrict watching the news to get the key information.

2. Control your focus. A good idea is to start your day with something positive. Ask yourself questions like what am I grateful for, what do I love, what do I appreciate, what am I proud of. There are so many things for us to be happy about even in the most challenging times. This will also help us to focus on looking for solutions throughout the day. A problem is never solved by focusing on the problem, instead seek out potential solutions. If you can’t do something because of the restrictions, look for alternatives, be innovative, be resourceful. Ask yourself – what can I do instead? You will always find what you focus on.

3. Maintain your calm. Create some daily rituals that quiet the mind. Meditate, breathe, exercise, take the time to enjoy some solitude. What ever helps you calm and quiet the mind will help you.

4. Connect with the people you care about. While we need to maintain ‘social distancing’, we can always use technology to connect with each other. Seek out the people who lift you up, those who create positive energy. Talk to those you love and care about.

We will all have moments where the uncertainty can send us into a downward spiral and cause us to react out of character. The important thing is to recognise when you have dropped into a negative mindset and ensure you reset and rebalance.

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