Frequently Asked Questions

What is executive and business coaching?
Executive and business coaching is an intensive, targeted tool designed to deliver immediate and long-lasting results for corporate executives and business owners. Coaching is a process where the coach works with the leader/business owner on specific goals and outcomes guiding them through any challenges they encounter in pursuit of their goals. Coaching has become a key mechanism in uplifting the knowledge, skills and behaviours in business leaders/owners. At Leadership Creativity we pride ourselves on having highly-trained coaches with deep business knowledge and experience who not only understand but have experienced first-hand the challenges corporate executives and business leaders face.
What benefits can I expect from coaching?
Coaching from a trained and skilled professional helps to achieve better results. The nature of human beings is that we look for what’s safe, what’s easy, what’s comfortable; so, we fall into the trap of solving problems the same way even when things around us have changed. This causes us to get the same results time after time without achieving the next level of success that we know is within our reach.
Having someone to coach you, having someone to clarify what are you working on, hold you accountable to deliver what you say you will, help to define what you will focus on this month, this week, today, absolutely helps you get better results.

As our coaches at Leadership Creativity have successfully led large teams across various industries, we are also able to provide mentoring on different techniques and styles of leadership that will shift your results.
My company has already used a coach and we didn’t get great results, what makes Leadership Creativity different?
We have been successful leaders across multiple industries, geographies & organisations for over 20 years each prior to becoming coaches and mentors. We have taken many teams and businesses from low performance to high performance during this time and know both the strategies and mindset required to drive high-performance. We understand the challenges you are facing and the path to fix them FAST. Our approach is not just based on theory, we have lived it ourselves.
What guarantees do you provide?
We provide a money back guarantee for clients on retainer. If after the first month where you have completed all coaching sessions and assigned tasks and you are not satisfied that our coaching has added value and improved your performance, money back less a small administration charge. We are confident in the ability of our coaches to move our clients forward. We will ask for feedback frequently to ensure we are on track and delivering to your expectations. We can adjust our approach throughout the engagement term to ensure you get the value and the results you expect.
How will I find the time to take on coaching as well as everything else I have committed to? I need to find more time in my day!
This is a major challenge for many people given all the demands placed on us at work and at home. The biggest thing to understand is that time is the great leveller for all of us – we all have the same 168 hours each week available to us. World leaders and entrepreneurial visionaries get the same amount of time as the rest of us! The key is to decide to focus on the items that add most value, the genuinely important things and then surround yourself with strong people to delegate the rest. This creates time for you to address the key things that actually make a difference.

For people who are extremely time poor, we start your program by reviewing in detail what is consuming your time identifying what is adding value to your ‘bottom line’ and what is not. Together we find other options to manage the ‘noise’ that doesn’t add value to free you up to focus on what’s going to drive significant results.
I can see the benefits of coaching and want to start but I’m concerned I can’t afford it?
Our clients see significant shifts in their leadership which brings financial benefits. In our experience coaching is a valuable investment in yourself that pays back both professionally and personally.

Our testimonials show how we help business owners and leaders how to attain higher performance from themselves, their people and their processes. This leads to a significant lift in business growth and profitability.
What are your payment terms?
We offer two payment options – in full up front or monthly in advance payment terms. Coaching is often tax deductible depending on your role. We recommend seeking independent tax advice to confirm if our coaching is tax deductible for you.

For small-medium businesses there are government grants available for businesses in specific categories which offset the overall cost of coaching services. We are happy to put you in contact with someone who can assess if your business qualifies for a grant.
Why would I use Leadership Creativity over a major consultancy company?
Based on our own experience and the feedback we hear from clients who have used the large consultancies they often felt they had a coach ‘off the bench’ who had learned a coaching process and key questions but had no real empathy or understanding of what their life was like. Our clients love that we have real life experience in similar environments and that we provide a personalised service focused on their success. You are not a number to us – our success is based on your success. We also limit the number of clients we service at any given time to ensure we provide a consistently high level of focus on each and every client.
How do I know that Leadership Creativity’s coaching will work for me and my team?
One of the most important aspects of engaging a coach is ensuring you are a great fit for each other. In our initial meeting, we work to understand the specific needs of you and your business. Together we will establish if we are the right team for you and have the skills you require.

Most likely we will be able to find a way to work with you to significantly change the way you are operating today.
Do I already need a specific goal in mind before I start coaching? Does there need to be a problem to work on?
Absolutely not. There are huge benefits to be gained by investing in the development of you and your team proactively. Don’t wait until your team is in crisis, get ahead of the game to progress from ‘good to great’ rather than ‘crisis to good’!

We provide you and your team with the tools and strategies to be prepared and better able to deal with potential challenges rather than reacting in the moment.
How do you know what my business really needs?
We specialise in supporting businesses transform their way of working in order for them to move to the next level of growth. When businesses engage us via our Performance Accelerator program we start by reviewing the current-state skills around leadership. This review and assessment allows us to tailor a solution customised to the individual business, so we can prioritise the areas that will make the most difference in the shortest time. Through a combination of intensive 1-to-1 coaching with the executive team and a series of Leadership Masterclasses for all the leaders we deliver a shift in performance across the business.
Who else have you worked with?
We have helped transform a variety of small – medium businesses with revenues ranging from tens of thousands to tens of millions AUD across a variety of industries including logistics, I.T. Services, Financial Services, developers, builders, tradies, real estate, hairdressers, accountants and health and fitness. We have also worked with many corporate executives and corporates across a diverse range of industries including executives from companies including nbn, Boral, Nestle and Amazon. Testimonials are available via the menu.
What is your focus, is it behaviour change or improving people’s organisational skills?
This really depends on the needs of the client. We deliver coaching programs that are suited to the specific needs of our clients. We help clients improve their behavioural skills around communication, openness and vision as well as organisational skills in building high performing teams, process and structure. We have a systematic coaching process to support the leader to build upon their existing skills to move them to the next level in leadership achieving improved results.
Do you keep current with the latest coaching and leadership approaches?
We allocate time to regularly attend training and seminars to ensure we are expanding our coaching skillsets and staying current with new approaches in leadership and human behaviour. This way we ensure we always have something new and exciting to help our clients – as well as satisfying our own need to keep learning and growing!


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