Calling all Leaders, it’s time to step up

We live in very uncertain times right now and uncertainty can lead many people to high levels of fear and panic. The world needs leaders to step up, to provide people with the certainty and calm they crave as we move into uncharted territory. One of the key characteristics of great leadership is an ability to bring certainty to uncertain situations. To remain calm in the face of adversity and provide the people around you with strategies and direction.

It was evident in Wednesday morning’s announcement from ScoMo where he went into more detail than his previous announcements on how to deal with the restrictions that are being put into place. It doesn’t matter how much detail we provide, there will always be some that will focus on what isn’t said or their perceived issues with the situation.

Businesses and the community are going to be challenged financially, psychologically and emotionally. This is not a time for panic and fear. It is a time to develop contingency plans, to strategise and develop solutions that lead us forward.

Leaders need to understand that everyone is being challenged right now, feeling threatened that the lifestyle we love has changed, and this fear is understandable. Everyone deals with that uncertainty in their own way. Thus, we need to adjust how we lead to suit the person and the situation.

Be the leader the people around you need, provide them with certainty that we will get through this. We will find a way because we always do, don’t we. Support each other, care for each other, focus on solutions, remain positive. We will thrive through these times.

Here’s 3 ways to provide some certainty to the people around you:

1)     Reiterate the facts not the fear – e.g. China is in recovery from their outbreak and the world learned a lot from their efforts.

2)     Don’t engage in disaster discussions or ‘what-if’ scenarios. This consumes energy and promotes fearful thinking

3)     Encourage people to focus on what they can control – What work needs to be done? What are ways they can support the more vulnerable in the community? What productive activities can they take right now?

It’s in these times that the greatest of leaders rise to the top and we need all leaders to step up. Not just those in government or in the medical profession. We need everyone to rise above the fear and panic to provide certainty and calm to help those around us continue to live life in a positive and productive way.

Be the leader your world needs, today, tomorrow and every day.

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