With more than 25 years of industry experience, Leadership Creativity founders Anna and Craig use all of their knowledge and training to transform you into the best leader you can be.


We work with clients in a wide range of industries providing expert Leadership Coaching and Mentoring services that deliver tailored, strategic and practical steps to becoming a better leader.

While all of our clients face unique challenges, they all have one thing in common: an unwavering drive to succeed. Our clients are willing to push the boundaries to transform the way they lead their teams to grow their business and foster success.

Whether you’re struggling to get everything done each day, spend too much time working in your business instead of working on it, feel stressed, or worry that your team isn’t aligned with your goals, we can help.  

The key to lifting performance is putting a focus on your people. What drives them? What’s going to light them up? What’s going to make them excited about working with you and serving your customers? If you want to have a high-performing team, you must discover the answers.

Anna Saunders


Leadership Creativity provides a range of Leadership Consulting and Mentoring Services to business owners, leaders and their teams who are motivated to transform their performance and achieve superior results. Led by two of Australia’s most experienced leadership mentors, we seek to unlock the potential that already exists in your business by focusing on you and your people.

Our coaches understand the pressure and stress of executive leadership in the business world having held a range of senior roles in Corporate and Government organisations across multiple industries, both in Australia and internationally.

As leaders, we have successfully led the delivery of major projects, including key outsourcing initiatives, company mergers and takeovers, and complete business transformation. We’re skilled in Leadership Development; Change Management; Program, Project and Portfolio Management; Process Improvement; Risk Management; Employee Engagement; and Communication.

We have led teams of varying sizes from just a few up to several hundred people with annual budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars. In doing so, we have encountered many challenges and found many solutions, which allows us to pre-empt and overcome those same challenges in your business.

We provide absolute focus on delivering the results you are seeking, with an unwavering commitment to move you and your business to the next level.


Leadership Creativity is built on the belief that modern leaders need to be creative and innovative to prosper in today’s climate. The ability for leaders to be more fluid and dynamic in their approach to respond to changes in the market, technology and customer expectations is the key skill that puts them ahead of their competition. This also sets up a culture where the leader inspires their people to explore their own ideas and creativity.

Integrity – We hold ourselves to high standards of honesty, authenticity and integrity in everything we do. Our clients can depend on us.

Courage – We are fearless in supporting our clients to face every challenge. Determination and persistence lead to exceptional results.

Creativity – We inspire and encourage innovation to seek out new and improved ways of achieving results.

Quality – We aim to deliver excellence in everything we do. Constant improvement is the foundation of growth and excellence.

Success – We are driven by the achievements of our clients. Our success is based on our clients’ success.

Gratitude – We appreciate and respect our clients for trusting in us. We are grateful for the opportunity to help them and their businesses.