Our Clients

Our clients operate in a wide range of industries and have one key thing in common, they are looking to accelerate their business performance and achieve superior results. They are dedicated, willing and open to change.

  • Are you struggling to find the time to do everything? How would it feel to accelerate performance and productivity across your business?
  • Are you stressed by constantly being pulled into the day-to-day operation of your business? Would you like to build a high-performance team to run your business giving you the confidence to step away from the detail?
  • Are you frustrated because your people are not cooperating with each other and not buying into the big picture? How would it be to have an engaged, supportive and aligned team working to a common set of outcomes?



We have new techniques, processes and ways of thinking that will transform your results – and the expertise to support and guide you. Leveraging our wealth of commercial business experience, we maximise your results through powerful business coaching and mentoring.

Our coaching seeks to unlock the potential that already exists in your business to shift from default performance to high performance.


“The key to lifting performance is focusing on your people. What drives them? What is going to light them up? What is going to make them excited about working for your business and serving your customers? If you want to have a high-performing team you must discover the answers.” – Anna Saunders

Why Us 

 Fast track your progress by learning from our experience

Each of our coaches have over 25 years commercial experience prior to moving into coaching.

Our coaches bring their experience in dealing with the pressure and stress of establishing and growing our own consulting businesses as well as executive leadership in the business world from senior roles in Corporate and Government organisations across multiple industries, both in Australia and internationally. We have successfully led the delivery of major projects including key outsourcing initiatives, company mergers and take overs, and business transformation. We are skilled in Leadership Development, Change Management, Program, Project and Portfolio Management, Process Improvement, Risk Management, Employee Engagement and Communication.

We have led teams of varying sizes from a few to up to several hundred people with annual budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars. In doing this, we have encountered many challenges, in fact there are not many problems we have not had to find a solution for!

Don’t reinvent the wheel, learn from our experience utilising the most effective strategies, tools and processes to build your leadership capabilities creating the confidence to overcome the most challenging problems you will encounter in your business.

We provide absolute focus on delivering the results you are seeking with an unwavering commitment to move you and your business to the next level.


To drive your business success, leverage our business experience along with a laser focus on your results and an injection of high energy. You can expect to gain greater clarity around what you need to focus on, an increase in your capability to deliver and the confidence to implement the improvements required to meet you desired outcomes. We guarantee it.


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The Feather in our brand

The feather in our brand comes from the story of Dumbo the Flying Elephant with the idea that we can achieve anything if we believe in ourselves and our abilities. Our coaching is designed to release your talents and self-belief so your business dreams can take flight.

We chose the name ‘Leadership Creativity’ as this embraces the expectation in today’s businesses that leaders need to be creative and innovative. The ability for leaders to be more fluid and dynamic in their approach to respond to changes in the market, technology and customer expectations is the key skill that puts them ahead of their competition. This also sets up a culture whereby the leader inspires their people to explore their own ideas and creativity.


Leaders should be accessible and approachable, and never stop learning – Richard Branson

Meet The Team

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Anna Saunders
Business and Leadership Coach
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Craig Morris
Business and Leadership Coach